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Agriculture Secy on gun control: This could be a unifying conversation and Lord knows we need to be unified.

II think the Secretary hit on an important point that seems to be missed by most of the media. Because controversy sells media ads, too often there is a silent complicity between the media and those practicing the politics of division. I believe that most citizens are tired of the polemics and would welcome all parties coming together to solve the pressing issued that confront our nation.

CNN Press Room

CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley  featured an interview with U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Crowley spoke with Secretary Vilsack about guns in rural America, the potential for price increases on dairy products and more. A highlight from the interview is below and the full transcript will be posted on

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The Blame Game

Since the horrific events of December 14 in Newtown, Connecticut, I have tried to figure out how to respond.  I spend last week answering the unanswerable questions in the Sunday School class that I teach.  I can’t imagine how empty the Christmas season must be for families  that have presents that will never be opened.

I want some sort of soothing salve that I can pour over the situation and smooth away the pain and anger and fear.  I want answers; so we can all make sense of this.  I want to know how and why it happened; so we can make sure it never happens again.  I want to know if it was the guns, mental illness, bad parenting or video games that caused this. I am looking for someone or thing to blame.  I also want to choke the life out of the next person who says it was all a part of God’s plan.

Faith should provide answers to the problems of great evil.  Faith should prove hope in times of grief.  Faith should provide light in the midst of darkness, but spiritual giants have often witnessed the “dark night of the soul.”

Faith as a “get out of hell free card” or “fire insurance” is too often the message.  My witness is to a faith where God is with us in tragedy not creating tricky escapes.  My faith is in a God who deals with the tough times.  My faith is in a God who weeps.

My faith is also in a God who loves and laughs.  I suspect there is a lot of time spent giggling at my foolishness.  My faith is in a God who can use tragedy; not one who seeks or causes it. I believe that in the midst of grief, God’s love is still present providing hope.

My faith is in a God who entrusts us with a mission to make the world better.  Most amazingly my faith is in a God who has faith in us,,,yep you and me.  Ain’t that crazy!

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I agree with the NRA

funny-gun-people-09I carefully read the response to the Newtown tragedy from Wayne LaPierre and the NRA.  Even as a gun owner, I felt a bit of revulsion upon my first reading.  As a Texas country boy, guns have always been a part of my everyday world.  We were taught to be careful but not afraid of guns.  I have enjoyed hunting and really get the connection between animals dying and me eating.  Occasionally I have even known the name of the primary contributor to my meal.

Still the idea of even more armament is a bit tough for me to accept.  I don’t like the idea of an escalating arms race trying to make sure the good guys have better weapons than the bad guys.  I am unsure there is any evidence that increasing guards really will reduce violence.  If we add that many new guards; will friendly fire, mistakes, misunderstanding, and bad intentions actually reduce or increase gun violence.  I am not sure.

3695I thought carefully about all of this before I decided that I completely agree with Mr. LaPierre.  As someone supporting him, there is one tiny thing that he seems to have neglected considering.  I have some help for him.

I think this new program may be expensive.  We all want the brightest and the best guards armed with the most lethal arms weapons that money can buy.  I figure about ten million a year per campus for 7X24X365 monitoring should do it.  The statistics that I saw indicate around 150,000 schools in the US with multiple locations we might get to 200,ooo, but who is quibbling?

I am confident that the NRA is ready, willing, and able to write that check to handle things.  Surely nothing is as important as the safety of children; except perhaps the second amendment rights of gun owners.  The NRA has an amazing fund raising machine; so I am sure there would be no problem.  If on the slight chance the NRA might decline, I have an alternate proposal.  Let’s just tax gun purchases to handle that expense.  This seems to me to be a win for everyone.  Guns for everyone, guards everywhere, and best of all a great solution for the economic doldrums!

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