Empire Avenue…….Worth your time?

Join Empire Avenue

There are hundreds of very compelling reasons why one should join any particular big social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or the like. Justification that your online presence would contribute to the ‘Search Engine’ popularity of your linked website or websites thereby bringing about the much needed flow of customers for the product or services promoted by those websites.

It is not as easy to use such compelling arguments to promote the joining of smaller and lesser social media sites like Empire Avenue.

Trevor Kohlhepp from Social Brothers, LLC gives you all the reasons why, in his article ‘Empire Avenue…….Worth your time?’

There is one network that I would say is worth it, Empire Avenue.

For those of you who have not heard of Empire Avenue it is a virtual Social Media Stock Market. Each user becomes a “stock” that
can be purchased and sold by other users. Upon…

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2 thoughts on “Empire Avenue…….Worth your time?

  1. Been a member for the past couple of years, but sad to say, it has lost much of its luster. Once you reach a certain point, you reach a plateau and the game stops getting interesting. Plus, sad to say, as with anything new and cool, it has become a new haven for spammers. That’s why I have mainly stopped using it as often.

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