Time is All I Got

ImageToday Kevin said that EA “could never become mainstream.”  I was thinking about that a bit.  I get that EA is not likely to get to a Facebook or Twitter size, but I think that growth is necessary to make EA interesting and useful.  Today EA seems like a small town complete with village gossip and cliques.  I would suspect that more folks would allow some more natural grouping of folks with similar interests and tastes.  I know more folks would increase the reach and impact of EA.

I know that Dups has said the small number of participants does not worry him while they are ramping up the service.  My concern has less to do with the number of new signups (decent marketing can fix that) and more to do with the scary retention (more reasonably lack of retention) numbers.  The tiny size of the community creates overreaction to changes.  The tiny size creates waves of destruction when important players alter their relationship to the game.  A bigger base of players would make the game more fun and more stable.

Anyone who plays EA for long at all understands why folks quit.  I often hear EA described as a huge time sink.  Just keeping up with the Social Media activity that EA demands is exhausting.  The actual time on EA investing, engaging, and trying to understand is a full time job.  The loss of the game’s best time saver, insideEAv, was a shock that will be tough to survive.  I am not sure that EA will be able to increase its retention without reducing the time demands to play successfully.

I am not sure of the solution to this issue.  Dom suggested a weekly day off in a thread that I read.  I wonder about reducing the number of social media networks scored from 5 to 3 to reduce the pressure.  EA certainly needs to improve the UX to make accessing & acting on information quicker and easier.  Perhaps a closer integration with Avenue.io will help that.

Are you bothered by how much of your life EA requires?  Do you have any ideas to reduce the demands?  Is EA condemned to be a minor game played by folks with too much time on their hands?


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18 thoughts on “Time is All I Got

  1. Adrian says:

    Yes, it can be a problem taking up too much time. Partly my fault as the initial enjoyment and my competitive nature drew me in. Strangely, I find the way to boost your profile, i.e. more and more (unnatural) social media activity is the big time drain.

    I find the scoring system strange and see some high div accounts that I can only marvel at but would go mad if trying to replicate their social media activity, e.g. sharing stock photos.

    I found it odd having to create a ‘throwaway’ wordpress.com blog just to score when my own ‘built with love’ self-hosted blog (adrianbold.com) doesn’t count.

    I created a business account and now regret it. More time but I can’t keep the share price high due to constraints already flagged, i.e. FB/G+/LI pages not counting. Do I maintain or delete. I hate wasting time and that’s what a deletion would mean.

    • And the uncertainty with the EA road map for when they might include other networks or pages sort of leaves folks with a damned if you do or don’t situation. Others have answered the activity to do Social Media by automating to throw away account. Perhaps the best answer it to give up the competition and just take EA on its own terms.

  2. EA is no longer a time concern for me. Most of the benefit of the game actually occurs outside anyway; I spend the amount on time on Twitter, FB, etc that I need to and my EA divs just are what they are. My share price rises over time and every 4 or 5 days I take an hour to invest a few million EAves and launch a ‘giveaway’ mission.

    I used to spend a minimum of an hour each day just working EA to try and increase my scores but realized that it is the engagement that matters. The connections.

  3. My comment a bit out of context, The Empire Avenue Stock Market “game” will never become mainstream for all kinds of reasons, Empire Avenue could become a mainstream product and I believe that’s where Dups want’s to be but it is with a reinvention of what Empire Avenue actually is. Many may come to try out future features and if they are world class and authentic it might just work. I believe the ultimate goal was to ahem realize real world value for your online efforts but you will never get that from an investment game that takes 6 months to get somewhat established a year to get momentum, the world loves strategy, action, sims but you have to be getting somewhere each time you play or you are out of there.

  4. I have been, for the past week, contemplating leaving EA. I enjoy playing, but I wonder if the time invested could be spent profitably and more enjoyably elsewhere… The only thing that’s been keeping me back from leaving is the loss of countless hours invested, the thousands of tweets I have given to complete strangers’ missions… and a sense of loss.

    My take on why EA will never be successful is this: everyone (most everyone) comes in with the illusion of getting something for nothing. That is the state of the current humanity, so no surprises there.

    On Facebook if you have it all be about you, you can do it and maybe some a..holes will still like you. On EA, if you have it all about you, you are not going to be liked… and that means that people will leave.

    EA is more like real life: you get what you worked for, what you earned. Or less.

    I have been definitely getting less than what I have earned: my missions are not done… and then I MUST ask the question: what am I doing here…?

    I’ll miss a few people, like you Harold, or Kevin who sits on a mountain where I look up to see him… and a few other people.

    I came to EA because I don’t like the ordinary social media game… actually I get literally sick to my stomach from it, but I am told it is needed to generate traffic to my business…

    Now, I will probably just outsource it, and leave it alone.

    Good bye guys, loved to get to know you.


    • Sorry to see you go, but I certainly understand. I fear that many will follow your direction. I look forward to continuing to see you out there in Social Media Land. Good luck & Godspeed on your journey.

  5. Kiara Lane says:

    It’s to time consuming to be successful for anyone who doesn’t put hours and hours into it. It’s also unrealistic to expect people to stay active daily in 5 plus different social media sites.

  6. Kiara Lane says:

    Genuine – original- content being created in up to 5 sites daily that is.

  7. cbsbnew says:

    It’s a time sink, but it encourages us to keep up our other social networks and make them expand. I wish EA would add Pinterest. Also, people pay for services like Bufferapp and other similar ‘share at a later date’ services. I could see EA making some big money if they built an online app for people to use as an all in one that lets them buffer etc to all of their social accounts, and manage their EA transactions. I don’t think people would mind paying $10/mo to a service that I can do all in one AND my EA in one place.

    • The Pinterest issue isn’t on EA. Pinterest doesn’t offer an API; so there is no way to query/evaluate your activity there.

      I don’t see much evidence that the EA team understands social media enough to become a management hub. Time will tell if they can figure a path.

  8. DES Daughter says:

    I found you blog post today… very well written as always… thanks for the mention, hope you are well 🙂

  9. No idea why I missed this post originally, but so glad I found it today. Each of us have different reasons, to do as Kenny Rogers says in the Gambler, “know when to fold them, know when to hold them, know when to walk away…know when to run”.
    I enjoyed this article and appreciate the timing of it in my life. Thank you

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