ImageI realize there are a bunch of different reasons why folks play Empire Avenue.  Many use EA as a platform to boost their business.  A few are looking to expand their contacts. Some use it to promote a favorite cause.  Others of us are pretty clueless about why we are here.  I believe that almost everyone here would like to have some fun.  

Personally I wish the EA management would help us out with this, but they seem to be too distracted at this time.  I could see contests, drawings, team competitions, and all sorts of foolishness sponsored by EA to lighten the current mood.  Perhaps a funny blog post or two…tales from Rudiger the squirrel like this FB post from a few years ago:

Unfortunately that does not seem to be in the cards.  I wonder if we in the EA community can step into this breach.  I have seen some missions that were very kind.  I have seen some FB posts in groups that attempted to encourage and galvanize the Avenue.  I know some of the leader board folks have discussed sponsoring a contest or two using their own eaves for prizes.  The Zen vs. X-Bar contests predate me, but I wonder about something along those lines.  Perhaps the Paused versus the Unrelenting Positives is more appropriate these days.

I don’t really have any answers these days.  Just had a moment to engage in idle speculation waiting for my next Mai-Tai to be delivered to my undisclosed vacation location.  Have a great time wandering down the Avenue!

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3 thoughts on “Giggles

  1. Adrian says:

    Fun and making new connections; that has to be key. The answer? I don’t know. Not knowing what it was like in the early days has, perhaps, has been a blessing as I don’t feel like I’m missing out. It’s a shame about the disgruntled feeling amongst some but I never forget it’s someone else’s site, someone else’s business.

    • The silly stuff was just slowing down as I was starting. Folks got all excited trying to track down the secret achievements. Some of them may still be out there. We growled about the squirrel who was to blame when things went wrong. I think the idea is to make the site more businesslike. I still think they could do some fun stuff that left a light footprint and kept folks engaged.

      • Adrian says:

        It needs to be fun. If I can’t see a tangible ROI (perhaps that will come later?) then I need it to be entertaining ‘else no real point.

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