Confusion Reigns

ImageAlthough I am on EA vacation, I have cruised by the Avenue a few times just to be sure it is still there.  A response from Dups during all the stuff caught my eye.

“I’m on specific record saying that the Empire Avenue Actions is a completely broken number that is basically filtering on a database table that we barely use, but to remove would cause people to say we are (yet again) evil, and are in the process of fixing based on all the other things we are doing. Once that is done then exporting that information (being a correct piece of information) is the right thing to do.” Dups

On the one hand I really do appreciate his effort to explain some of the difficulties he faces with modifying and maintaining his site.  On the other hand, this seems so wrong.  If EA can’t track activity accurately on their own site, how are they calculating an accurate Network Score for EA?  If they can’t accurately track/score my activity on their own site, what implications does that have for the accuracy of scores for any other site?

Don’t get me wrong.  I sort of love the current EA scoring; since I am close to the top of the Leader Board there.  In fact, that is the only board where I ever sat on top.  I even appreciate the desire to hide a bit of the network scoring algorithm; so ‘those people’ don’t try to manipulate the system too much.  I don’t feel good about questionable data.

I am really bothered that this problem seems endemic.  Another example from Dups is the problem with presenting dividend data.  That information was removed from the portfolio/shareholder views because it was wrong.  Although removing it was a reasonable triage step, months later why isn’t it fixed?  If the dividend data is wrong in one place on the site, my tummy gets a little queasy when I think about how that might impact other parts of the EA calculations.  Why doesn’t this make the EA priority list?  A number of folks continue to ask, and the info is clearly important for investment decisions.  

A number of folks have struggled to understand what we can see of the EA data.  The more I dig, the more confused I get.  Since Dups often explains how much he depends on the data, I hope they are able to reign in these anomalies soon.  I sure that everything will be perfect when I return from vacation.  Y’all have fun now!


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One thought on “Confusion Reigns

  1. Harold, the data we use for the scoring is the correct score. The data for the actions number is not used at all. In fact after this post, I will agree with you that you are absolutely correct in one fact. I will make an effort to remove that actions number no matter the headaches it will cause. After all, you are right we have in the past removed other numbers that don’t make sense or were wrong so why not in this case 🙂

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