Me, Myself, & I

ImageI care a lot about EA and even more about the folks that I have met through EA.  Given the current state of the Avenue,  I should probably follow that quickly with the assertion that I don’t plan to quit.  I do feel the need to step back a bit to assess my relationship to EA, & the current changes.  To that end (& also because my divs were insane yesterday…2.31…yes thanks for the applause), I put my account on vacation mode for a few weeks.  Also tennis beckons with the US Open and cooler weather in Htown.

My head hurts trying to imagine dealing with my portfolio without inisideEAv.  Lots of folks are delisting their accounts.  Many others say they will just become inactive.  Since these are some of the most engaged EA’ers ( over 50% of stock trading happened with insideEAv), I worry about the consequences.  Dups assertion that it wasn’t his fault rings shallow and offers nothing by way of a solution.  

We all hear the massive frustration of the community.  The loss of fun, the drive to monetization, the cloudy vision, and failure to provide real tools have created a perfect storm that will be difficult to navigate.  I have some time & energy invested; so I hope there is some amazing & delightful resolution just around the corner.  I worry the gap between the promise and the reality continues to widen.

I will put my tips on hiatus during my EA vacation.  Dups has said the EA official mentoring program is ready; so you might inquire with him about getting help there.  Although I asked to join that official effort, I did not receive the courtesy of a reply.  That does leave me a bit puzzled, but I am certain that they have a substantial team of very well qualified folks ready to go.  Again I encourage you to check with Dups for details on the official EA mentoring program.

I will still be around.  I intend to continue working my blog; although with a bit less EA focus.  If you have EA questions, my blog has all my tips archived there.   I will still be present across most of my Social channels, but I look forward to finding my own voice a bit more; rather that just being a mission bot.

Crap!  This really does sound sad.  I am just headed out to play a bit more tennis and hang with my friends IRL.  I earnestly encourage you to give that a try.  In the immortal words of California’s greatest Guvernator…I’ll be back! 

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2 thoughts on “Me, Myself, & I

  1. Adrian says:

    Enjoy your break Harold and hope to see you back soon!

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