Pie Seventeen

download (1)Well I suspect that several of you experienced a nice share price bump that might have surprised you a bit. Last night EA introduced Pie 17. They introduced an interesting wrinkle by not providing an eaves purchase. You must spend 25 USD to buy Pie 17.

Most of you are probably still working the Pie upgrade path; so the impact will be later. I guess this confirms that EA really is no longer free if you really want to compete. I didn’t buy it yet; partly for game reasons. I have to save some eaves to buy with if I am doing it. I was trying to get over the idea of buying a portfolio upgrade. For me, fifty bucks is like my part of a couple of happy hours with my buddies.

I worry that some folks who feel that paying is in some way cheating may decide to leave the Avenue. I get that EA needs to earn revenue, but I wonder if this is the best time to ratchet that up. Seems the mood on the Avenue is a bit down, and I am concerned adding a ‘requirement’ to pay is not likely to attract or retain new folks. Perhaps there are some new features or benefits just around the corner. I sure hope so…

What are you thinking about all this?

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7 thoughts on “Pie Seventeen

  1. Adrian says:

    I’ve always adopted a policy of paying for something, e.g. software, if I like it even if a free version is sufficient. I’m taking the same view with EAv. I know it’s not perfect and I get that some of the ‘old-timers’ aren’t happy with the changes but, for me, all the time I’m happy to be involved, I don’t have a problem investing some cash to support the platform.

  2. I tried to buy the upgrade and their system rejected a visa card….and when I wrote them I got the standard will advise….. It is important for me as a learning person to keep learning. To invest $25.00 for the pie would be a stop gap but as I said their system rejected it at the moment. Where did the paypal option go?

    • EA had an incident with PayPal according to Dups. I think they resolved the issue. They will do PayPal if you send them a note. They plan to have a standard PayPal option toward the end of the year.

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