Pleasant Reply

ImageEmpire Avenue has all the same sort of folks you will find in the rest of the world. Some folks are really nice; some are nasty. Some folks are really smart, and some are confused. Just because someone shouts on your wall or sends you a message, don’t freak out.

Although most of the folks on the leader boards are awesome, some are jerks. I hear regularly about experienced players trying to press newer folks into buys or other stuff. You can say no. You will survive. I remember a player high on the leader board when I started telling me that he would sell all my shares if I didn’t max in him. That would have taken over a weeks income for me at that time. I sold him and ran a big buy me mission. I not only survived, but I also am watching him from my rear view mirror on all the leader boards. He probably doesn’t remember trying to rough me up, but I won’t forget.

If you complete missions, you will likely have someone complain about what you did. Do the best that you can, and your ethical reputation will help you survive those disputes also. Too often mission creators are the only ones who really understand what they wanted done. You will survive a negative rating or two. You can’t please everyone. Don’t freak out.

If you create missions, folks will foul up. Some folks are jerks who steal intentionally. When you identify those, block & report them along with a negative rating, but don’t lose your mind over honest and reasonable errors. If you have many failures with your mission, make sure the mission is clear and easy. If it is hard or complicated, the onus for failures is yours.

I think EA is more fun if you give folks the benefit of any doubt. I have made a mistake or two. I suspect that I am not alone in that. Ask an honest question instead of accusing if you are trying to solve a problem. Avoid the jerks as best you can, and celebrate with the great folks.

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7 thoughts on “Pleasant Reply

  1. Hi Harold, I joined EA awhile back and I have no idea how to use it. Could you give me a short run down on how it works? Thanks!

  2. akufu says:

    I have never complaint about anybody that completes one of my missions, I am grateful they have!

  3. Micheal says:

    This is also a good way to give some love to your joint venture partners, and even your best clients. Also, post a good picture of yourself; so your reader can put a face to the name.

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