Playing Offsite

ImagePro Tip:  Much of the ‘playing’ of Empire Avenue happens away from which is great but sometimes tricky.

When you are playing EA offsite, be aware of the rules of engagement.   I am mostly thinking of the Facebook and Google Plus groups where EA’ers congregate.  Perhaps even some #tweetchats or other platforms.  Each spot has its own rules; so tread lightly, ask questions, be nice, and apologize quickly when you foul up.

Specifically some FB groups are mostly mission & self promotion farms.  Pretty much nothing else posted in those groups.  Some groups have strict rules against that sort of self promotion like EAofK or New Users (I am told the admin of New EA Users is a bit crazy and deletes posts while sending nastygram PM’s to offenders).  Some groups have a more laissez faire approach.  In groups like Zen or [X]Bar, I would encourage you to engage more than you promote to avoid backlash.

One of the risks of playing a Social Media game offsite is the risk of jail.  I am not really talking about incarceration.  I am talking about platforms suspending or limiting your access for perceived TOS violations.  Typically things like excessive activity on FB or sending too many friend requests can land you into FB jail.  Twitter is well know for suspending accounts that rapidly follow & unfollow in large numbers.  A strategy that some of the more colorful EA players use is to falsely report competitors; so don’t get too upset if you find yourself in a bit of trouble with a network.  The services all have appeals processes; so just do as they ask.  Your service will be restored eventually.  

As it relates to these issues, 1.  Don’t try to explain about EA.  It will hurt rather than help your situation.  2.  Don’t violate the network’s TOS.  3.  Don’t be that jerk who falsely reports.  I have seen a couple of ugly situations result that just become bad for everyone.

EA is a Social Media game.  Most of the action happens in our various Social Media networks.  That is really where you find the fun and the value.


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