Friends are Fun

ImageI often hear from new players how tough it is to get started with EA. Not enough eaves for investing, buying back, or creating missions. Not enough clout to create big network scores for awesome dividends. Not enough information to keep up with everything. Not enough folks to help out when you run into a problem. I understand and accept these difficulties. I have a magic trick. It is a secret that I will share just with you…Make some friends.

This is Social Media. If you are trying to do it by yourself in your bathrobe (I don’t want to know if you are wearing less…), it is really tough. If you can bring or find some folks who will share the burden, it is easier and a ton more fun.

I generally have two or three chat windows open, and a Google Hangout is not unusual. Folks discussing, questioning, speculating about what is happening. I get tons of early warning and analysis from these chats. I get all sorts of answers and help from folks who care about me. I even try to be helpful to them.

Find some folks who will help you. Many of you seem to think the only way to get someone to help you is to run a mission. I hear a few folks even pay cash. Barter is a tried and true system that works. I will run a like bomb for you if you will do one for me. I will retweet for you if you will retweet for me. A handful of folks you trust can make a huge impact on your network scores and dividends. Who knows…you might even find something useful. A great way to find someone is to try being nice to them. You might even try this really weird technique called asking.

Build some relationships here. That is truly the important value of EA. With solid relationships built, all the rest of the stuff will fall into place.

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