ImageThe EA settings are a place that most of us visit once or twice and just forget about them.  If everything is working exactly right for you with your EA experience; then this tip might not be helpful.  I think some folks live with annoyances that can be controlled with the right settings.

You find the settings by clicking the gears symbol in the top right corner of your EA screen.  That will open a number of selections that allow you to control your account, how you interact with the service, and other players can interact with you.  Unfortunately there is not a setting to disable sells.

The Edit Profile basically controls what is presented on your Profile page.  You will have to reenter your password to get to this function.  You can change your name, location, and country.  I don’t recommend it, but yes you can change your country here to get around those pesky country restrictions for a really big mission.  You can also change your gender; although EA doesn’t really display this anywhere…perhaps best to just keep that on the down low.  Your birthday and avatar are also managed here.  A smiling reasonably professional photo of you is the best choice for your image.  The image must not create any copyright or other TOS violations.

Privacy is the next option.  This controls who can interact with you on EA from the perspective of the entire user community.  In general, here you want to allow anyone; so everyone can interact & invest.  You also have a public EA profile page.  You can disable that or view your public profile here.  You public profile looks like this:

Notifications & Settings are the next option.  This is where you control how EA interacts with you.  You can get an email for every silly thing that happens on EA, you can get no email from EA, or you can choose something in the middle.  I pick getting one email digest each day.  You can even customize exactly what items are in your email status update.   EA has popup messages that I find very annoying.  You can disable those here.  EA publishes an eNewsletter that you can subscribe to or not. 

Change Password will…you guessed it…let you change or set your password.  

Change Email Address will…wow super smart…let you update your email address.

Managed Blocked/Muted Users will allow you to unblock or unmute anyone that you made up with.  If you block someone, you can’t lift the block for 7 days.  Remember that blocking someone will sell any shares that you own of them and sell any shares that they own of you.  You can also re-enable shareholder mail for anyone that you blocked here.  Just click the bright button to undo your deed!

Manage Applications/Get API Keys are just interesting for developers.  Check the documentation if you need more details there.

Delete My Account is a one shot deal.  If you do this, you have to start back over; so be sure before you do.  I will suggest that if you decide to leave & delete your account, please do so quietly.  Some folks want to make a big scene when they leave.  That is crummy behavior; because folks are rushing around trying to figure out if they need to sell you are what.  Deleting your account will return their investment back to you shareholders all at once at your current trading price.  That is the fair way to leave for the folks who thought enough of you to invest in your shares.

On the main settings page, there are a few more options in the right column.  You can disable the Community Posts.  That will stop the notifications in the top right corner that appear when someone posts in a community thread where you have posted.  Disable Popup Instant Notifications will stop the buy notices that popup on your EA screen.  Disable Shout Out On Buy will remove the option to shout on your wall when folks buy your shares.  This is not recommended; since you get EA network score credit when folks write on your wall.  The final option is to Disable Envolve chat.  If you primarily access EA from a mobile device, I strongly suggest that you disable chat to improve your user experience.


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