Can You Hear Me Now?

ImageEA has a ton of different ways that you can use to communicate with others. In general, you wan to encourage this communication because it helps your EA network score.

1. Wall Shouts: This is the most common way for folks to communicate on the Avenue. Replying to a Wall Shout on your own wall is not an effective way to reply; because the person who left the message would have to return to your wall & find their original message to see that you replied. Just go to their proflie wall if you need to reply. If someone annoys you with what they post on your wall, you can delete the shout. You can also mute the person to keep them from posting.
2. Inbox: This is generally EA’s internal email system. Folks can turn this off, & many don’t check it; so don’t be upset if you don’t get a reply.
3. Shareholder Messages: This is EA’s paid spam service. I bet some of you that have been around for awhile didn’t even know it still existed; since they moved it to a different tab. You can spam…I mean communicate with all your shareholders for a price. The most common use is to advertise missions. I don’t do it.
4. Chat: You can chat on the site. This is a funky third party tool. My experience is that mostly folks with limited skills use this to hawk their missions & fiverr gigs. Many folks suggest turning it off for better site performance…particularly if you access EA from a mobile device.

You can manage these communications with your settings:

You can also change the way that EA communicates with you here:

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