ImageSeveral folks have asked me if I signed up for a Premium Account and what I thought about them. I have not signed up yet; although I was tempted.

My reasons for not signing up include:
1. For portfolio management, I prefer insideEAv. comes bundled with premium accounts. That is a fine tool; just not my preference.
2. I receive about 4M in dividend income daily; so the extra eaves are not an incentive.
3. I am still working the Dessert investment in my portfolio. More Dessert is interesting but not enough to make me whip out a credit card.
4. I play EA mostly as a game; so the ROI for buying premium doesn’t fit. In fact, I think the hard dollar ROI for EA is a tough sell generally at every account level. EA has a ton of potential, but I have often heard potential used as a curse.
5. My Portfolio level is 5,000; so getting paid on additional profiles isn’t useful for me at this time. I am not sure getting paid on inactive folks whose dividends are less than .30(e) is all that attractive anyway.
6. Five missions is about all I want to run now; so the extra missions aren’t that interesting.
7. The mission reward reduction just seems silly to me.
8. The promised analytics are much more a promise than a reality at this time, and EA’s recent history does not leave me confident that they will meet their delivery goals.

My temptations to sign up are:
1. I did consider signing up just for the Cool factor. A few bucks a month to be special was a bit tempting.
2. I also spend a bunch of time with EA; so I considered paying just to support EA. I understand that without cash Dups can’t keep the site open. Some of his recent decisions have left me grumpy, and his secrecy about his ultimate vision for EA make me wonder if this really is the right charitable contribution for me.

I guess that leaves my score card 8 to 2 for my analysis of Premium Accounts for (e)GARDNER. Your results may vary. All that said, I really hope that Premium Accounts bring in the right revenue stream to keep EA afloat. For me, I am going to wait a bit longer and see how things shape up before I tell Dups my credit card number.

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8 thoughts on “Premiums

  1. ransae says:

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  2. I’m also flirting to go premium. I will probably get the basic one. I love the games and I get to know some great people. So 20$ bucks a mounth is a cheep way to have some fun. I just subscribe to your blog.

  3. Remember the statement in “Fields of Dreams” If you build it, they will come!

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