ImageAnyone who has looked at many of my little tips, knows that I am a huge fan of KISSing…well that kind also…but this really isn’t about my personal life. I think the way you identify & present yourself across your networks should be the same. The same or at least similar names & avatars is the best plan. I notice a couple of advantages to keeping things simple and consistent.

The first reason I am a fan of simple & consistent is because I am lazy with limited smarts. If you have different names, avatars, and personas on each network; you have to remember where you are when you interact. That is way to much hassle for me to maintain. I think authenticity is a value generally, but it is just flat easier to be yourself where ever you happen to be.

The second reason for consistent branding is exactly that…branding. Who can keep up with the fact that you are Bill here, William there, Billy somewhere else, and Sir Will another spot; particularly if there is a strikingly different avatar for each account.. If you do something impressive that I might like to reward with an investment, you lose if I can’t find a way from your social media account back to Empire Avenue. Some folks suggest URL’s, twitter handles, or other stuff in your EA name. The problem with that is you can’t be found with an EA search.

I get that some of you may have existing Social Media accounts that make this tough to do. In that circumstance, help folks to make the connections. The idea is to make it easy for folks to find you. I am not the only lazy person on the Avenue; so help us help you.

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