Rear View Mirror

ImageYesterday I posted a bit about goals and the Empire Avenue Leader Boards. When some folks see the numbers up there, they get really excited about the challenge; but others start feeling a bit overwhelmed. I feel both of those; so today I want about how I manage.

Not much over a year ago, I started my Empire Avenue account. I didn’t even know where to find the Leader Boards; so that didn’t bother me much. I didn’t show up on any of the new users buy lists because I didn’t have any social media accounts. What I did have…perhaps still do…is a bit of an obstinate attitude. If I decided to overtake Kevin Green with my share price of 10(e) & a net wealth of nothing, I might have decided that task was not achievable. Gosh even folks who mentored me playing at a much lower level seemed impossible to catch.

My idea then and even today is to focus less on the ultimate goal and more on an achievable goal a bit closer to home. What I did was pick some folks just ahead of me that I wanted to surpass. I also set some numeric goals that seemed reasonable to me. I decided to work on the things that seemed important to me. EA provides some achievements that are interesting…a bit less fun these days; since they don’t carry an eaves reward….Those are OK, but when I really grinned was when I could hit one of my personal targets.

Some really awesome folks were really helpful to me when I started. I never expected to be able to get close to their high levels. Some days I am not sure exactly how or why I got on some of the leader boards, but I am confident that picking some steps allowed me to rise higher than I ever expected. Good luck and remember me fondly when you look at me in your rear view mirror!

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5 thoughts on “Rear View Mirror

  1. Yes, Harold you have broke through many barriers.. I have been here almost a year and not even close.. but I am working it mostly week. I don’t know if I could do this daily, but maybe that is the key.. Need to learn more 🙂 from you and other Leaders.

  2. Great point Harold, small step bring you a long way. Like they say, the journey begin with the first step 😉

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