Keep your eye on the ball

ImageWhen you are getting started with your EA account, there are three things to keep your eyes on in the game: your share price, your income, and your wealth.

The three biggest factors in growing your share price are: your dividends–that is how much your account pays its investors each day (higher divs mean more investors trying to grow their daily income), your buy back strategy–that is when folks invest in you they know they will receive an investment back, your presence–that is having a well known, likable reputation (if folks don’t know you or don’t like you, they won’t invest).

The biggest places you can grow your income are: doing missions–mission completion is insanely lucrative today and gaining over 1M per day is easy to achieve, investing in high ROI stocks–that is stocks that have a relatively low price relative to the dividends that they pay, paying Dups–EA has a number of options to purchase eaves.

The main places that you can grow your wealth are: investing in rapidly growing stocks–primarily Fresh Faces whose share price often rises from 10 (e) to 50 or even 100 (e) in a week or so. As you add Pie, the Fresh Face graduates are an even better place to invest for growing wealth.


4 thoughts on “Keep your eye on the ball

  1. aquamosh says:

    As a tennis player myself and a new comer in EA, this blog is very useful. Thank you!

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