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ImageEmpire Avenue is in the process of launching three new initiatives. I think there is a connection between them, but I think there are many more questions than answers right now. The three things are Premium Services, Premium Communities, and Mentoring.

Premium Services is a paid EA account. The accounts come in four flavors with increasing eaves, cheaper missions, more missions, and some yet to be defined account analysis. is also included. The packages range from $20 to $500 per month. Here is Dups’ blog post: This was scheduled to released already, but I am not sure when it will happen.

Premium Communities are even more mysterious. Evidently the idea is to pay EA to create EA communities, but I can’t figure out the business benefit at this point. Dups first talked about it to calm the waters when he was concerned about group missions during the 100 mission contest. This was scheduled to be released already, but it looks like this one will be even later.

Finally there is the mentor program. Some of you were concerned about this group when Dups first announced EA sponsored mentoring. I asked several specific questions but was told that I needed to apply to find out anything more. I did send the requested information, but I have not received any other information personally. I did notice on the EA General Community Discussion that Dups provided a few more details. He said “using social media, whether it’s us or Facebook Pages is difficult for most people and businesses and we want mentors who can help not just here but elsewhere and to make that lucrative for them at the end of the day.” So it seems EA wants to provide social media training through the mentor program; rather than mentoring folks on EA. I really suspect that they understand something is needed but exactly what is unclear for everyone. 

At the end of the day, EA is about to embark on a ton of changes. Today EA is mostly exactly like it was last week. Although the announcements seem almost overwhelming, the reality will likely remain mostly the same for most of us. Have fun, learn something, and make EA what you need it to be.

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4 thoughts on “New Stuff

  1. aquamosh says:

    Thanks for this useful information.

  2. dazzaw35 says:

    This kind of change is usually the pre-cursar to a mass exodus of users, I don’t know how long EA has been around, but maybe the plan was always to eventually charge for the use of certain aspects of the platform.

    • EA has been around just over 3 years I think. Seems to be a lot of changes with little concern on the community impact. I suspect the financial pressures on a VC funded startup are causing most of this. I don’t have a great read on if EA survives.

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