Starting Line

ImageI was wondering today what folks were finding as the biggest challenge for getting started with Empire Avenue. I have a few ideas for the list, but please help me out. It has been awhile; since I started.

1. Getting eaves. When I started I remember feeling really poor all the time. I never seemed to have enough eaves to actually feel like I could play.
2. Managing buy backs. Sure that is related to the first one, but I was always trying to figure out how much I should allocate to spend on who.
3. Picking my friends, associates, and communities. I needed some help starting out, but I notice folks that make bad choices there seem to struggle.
4. Navigating the site. EA has a ton of screens, choices, and settings. Figuring out how to do stuff is often a challenge. I still get surprised by stuff I don’t know how to do.
5. Improving dividends. If you have great divs, folks will invest in you. Great divs also help your reputation; because it looks like you know what you are doing in social media. I laugh at all the social media gurus that have 0.10 (e) divs.
6. Raising share price. Share price seems to be the biggest measuring stick for your EA performance. Most everyone wants to have a high price.
7. Increasing wealth. This one is interesting. In some ways makes no difference, but in other ways it is really important. I got taught to focus on this when I started; because you can use wealth to change most anything else about your EA game.
8. Growing daily income. I remember when I started being sure that if I could ever get 100k in eaves a day everything would be perfect. Then I found I really needed 1M. Now I am thinking that 4.5 to 5M is about right.
9. Determining my purpose on EA. EA is a complicated little game that has a ton of paths and permutations. If you know why you are using EA, that can become a really excellent road map for your setting your EA priorities.
10. Setting my strategy. I find that a clear view of what you plan to do with EA and the rest of your Social Media strategy makes things more efficient. If your actions are sort of random, it becomes tough to measure your effectiveness. Even harder to adjust your strategy if things are not going well.

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