A Little Help

ImageI will admit easily that some of the Empire Avenue site is less than perfect. The UI is inconsistent in spots. Some of the choices for labels makes me confused. The message that my session has expired for my security leaves me feeling much more frustrated and not secure at all. They have done a really nice job with the help screens now associated with all the major aspects of the site.

If you haven’t checked the help tabs, take a gander. My only quibble is that they struggle separating the rules from the help. I think that moving freely between explanations and proscriptions is confusing. From the new player point of view, this is light years ahead of anything that was available when I started.

My main concern is that EA sometimes acts like a a substantial improvement like this is a finished act. For an early iteration, the new help is outstanding. I hope they will continue to invest resources into helping players understand this game.

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5 thoughts on “A Little Help

  1. NINE thumbs up for you kind mind sharing the EA love. I am not that well informed, nor generous. Here to learn and I thank you for being a gentleman and a learned leader #granniegram

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