The Elephant in the Room

ImageWatching the general community discussions, trying to understand the changes to EA, listening to some private conversations, and observing some stuff in the FB groups causes me to wear a slightly bemused smile. EA means so many different things to folks. 

Some folks think EA is an awesome social site. They have found great friends, supporters, and admirers. They seem to use EA to fill a bit of loneliness.

Some folks think EA is an awesome site to get free advertising. They spend all their time trying to accumulate enough eaves for that next mission that will let everyone know about their amazing opportunity or cause.

Some folks think EA is an awesome place to build their social media chops. Running the right missions, reciprocating with the right folks, and rubbing shoulders with the SoMe rock stars will surely drive Klout, Kred, TrustCloud, and every other score off the charts.

Some folks think EA is an awesome place to find a way to make a quick buck.

Some folks think EA is an awesome game and are truly amused by all the scurrying around. 

Some folks are just dazed and confused by all the stuff swirling around them.

Here is my issue…the way that you view EA colors your perception of how it should be played. Your view informs your ideas about how to tweak the rules to make EA better. The great strength of EA is that it is a platform that can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Our different perceptions may not agree, but they don’t necessarily have to conflict. In life, I have found that the fact that I disagree with someone does not make them wrong. 

I love the old story about 4 blind men who went to a zoo for the first time. They had never seen an elephant; so someone arranged for them to touch the elephant; to learn what an elephant was. The first man touched the elephant’s trunk and said, “I know what an elephant is like! It is just like a hose.” The second touched the elephant’s leg and said, “No, an elephant is like the column of a building.” The third touched the side of the elephant and said it was like a wall. The fourth grabbed the tail telling everyone they were wrong…an elephant is like a rope.

I am not sure where EA is headed. I am not sure how or if I will fit into that future. I want to share my input toward shaping that direction. I don’t think I am the only one who has an idea. I really wished that all these folks with strong ideas and opinions would heed that suggestion I got from my mom early…because I have always been a bit mouthy…she said I had to learn to disagree without being disagreeable

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6 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Room

  1. sconner69 says:

    HaHa isn’t EA all of those things and more? Fun Post Harold

  2. Kiara Lane says:

    This is exactly what a lot of people need to read, thanks Harold

  3. Gerard Dunn says:

    LOL – Agree fully Harold. I guess I see it as an entertaining game – that has some great advantages we all sometimes need. I am certainly entertained by some of the conversations regarding changes. I suspect that the folks that are upset – are more upset about CHANGE than specific issues. Time will tell – I continue to watch the parade…. Nice Post!

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