Printing Money

images (4)Wealth Creation Strategy

I am amused by increasing my wealth on Empire Avenue; particularly since Dups is working on that infamous convert eaves to cash button that I have been requesting for a long time…

I have always viewed two real places to be able to acquire wealth:

1. Doing missions is still a significant source of revenue. With the increased rewards, collecting a million eaves is reasonably achievable.
2. The other place to build wealth is investing in new players. When I started this was clearly the best place for building wealth. The price for every new player begins at 10 (e), but tends to rise rapidly as folks invest. As the profile’s price levels off or begins to fall, you can take your profit.

I have noticed a related but someone different place where I see most of my wealth growth today. The Fresh Face graduates are making the most impact for me. I believe the change is that we can only buy 200 shares of new players, but with graduates we can purchase up to 1,400 additional shares. Although fewer folks have Pie 16, there are enough with plenty of available eaves to really change the way that share price growth happens at the 7th day.

I think that if you have invested in Pie upgrades, you really need to watch these Fresh Face graduates for a real opportunity to grow your wealth.

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10 thoughts on “Printing Money

  1. ransae says:

    Excellent Harold, well put, and thanks for sharing your thought….Yes my idea is also the same, but i was of EA for about a year, or now, my share price would have been not less than 500+.

    • I think all the Pie upgrades have had a really large impact on dramatically raising the price of active new profiles. What I wonder about is if that rapid ascent will continue, or if those profiles level off perhaps even decline.

  2. ransae says:

    Reblogged this on Ransae's Blog.

  3. Adrian says:

    Thanks Harold.

    Just so I’m clear, are you going to …/stockmarket/leaders/recent to see this or is there another area?

    • That is a tough way to do it, but it will work. I use InsideEAv. I set the sort to profiles less than 8 days old and sort by dividends. That puts the interesting profiles at the top for me to buy. Typically I max anyone who is over 0.30 (e)/share div. I am seeing those profiles shoot from a 60 to 80 share price to well over 100 in a day or so.

      • Adrian says:

        Got it! Thanks Harold.

        I don’t tend to use InsideEAv too often (not keen on UI) but use I’ll see if I can do a similar thing with that.

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  5. Reblogged this on Greatpoetrymhf's Weblog and commented:
    thanks Harold for the great tips especially the third one

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