ImageFrom your profile page, one of the tabs is lists. EA will help you keep track of profiles here. There are a number of lists where you can add profiles. Most folks find out about lists in one of two ways. You get asked to recommend someone in a mission, or you see a notification that says you have been “listed.”

The most discussed list is the Recommended list. It does NOT improve your dividends to be recommended. It does NOT get you published on the “Trending” stocks. It does help the emotional state of some folks who keep track of how many folks have recommended them. This list is limited to 100 profiles. You can place someone on your Recommended list by going to their profile page and clicking the blue Recommended button. You can also use the manage list drop down to add them to any other lists.

The Watch list is the longest, 2,000 profiles. If you want to remove someone from a list, go to the list tab. Open the list, click the profile in question, that profile will appear in the left column. Open the manage list drop down and unclick the selection.

Favorite Content is designed to make it easy to locate folks that you find interesting. It occurs to me now, that this might be a great place to put folks whose missions you like to do.

There is a Friends & Family list. I am not sure what it says that mine is empty.

The Private list is interesting because it cannot be seen by others; so if you are cyber-stalking, this is the place for those folks.

You can also see who is listing or recommending you.  Keep your lists straight; so your profile does not list!

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6 thoughts on “Listing

  1. Thanks for the tip Harold. Very useful.

  2. Thanks for this. I have not made any lists yet, but already have a couple of people I stalk regularly. It’s great to have a tab for that! 🙂

  3. I use lists to keep track of the fresh faces that I buy from Gerrit Bes’s tope newbies list. It helps me keep track of who has fallen off and who is still active.

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