ImageYou can access the bank by clicking your current bank balance in the middle of the blue bar toward the top of your EA screen.

The three main line items are your Bank Balance of eaves that you can spend. You can spend eaves to purchase shares, to buy upgrades in the EA Shop, or to create missions. The next item is your Portfolio Wealth. This is the value of your investments. EA updates this amount as the shares you own increase in value; sometimes this confuses new players. Net Wealth is the bottom line simply adding your bank plus the value of your portfolio. For best results keep your Portfolio and Net Wealth close in value. Cash in your bank will not appreciate, collect interest, or pay dividends.

In the right hand column, there are some additional details. You can click the line items to drill down into the details.

The Income Statement can be a bit tricky.

Share Sales include two primary items. First is the income you receive when someone purchases your shares. The other item is the eaves you get for selling shares that you purchased. The odd item also included in the Share Sales Income line is the amount you spend when you purchase stocks. Those items are in red. I do not know why they are included in the income items. The purchases are not actually subtracted from the Share Sales Income line.

Dividend Earnings is the daily income from your investments. As your account becomes mature, this will be the main source of income. In the current EA scheme, you can receive a maximum of about 4.5 million per day; since EA will only pay dividends on your top 5,000 accounts. This will change with Premium Accounts, but it is tough to predict the exact impact. If you click this line item, you can see exactly what you received from each of your investments. This amount will vary somewhat; since it is based on individual social media activity.

The Refund line item also has some potential to cause confusion. When you archive a mission, the unused mission rewards & fees are returned to you. Those returned eaves are detailed here. The Refund item also shows you eaves returned to your account when stocks delist from Empire Avenue. Stocks can delist when accounts are deleted. The current value of that stock is liquidated and the eaves placed in your account. Stocks are also removed from EA for violations. In that instance, you will just have your original investment returned. That is why you may see multiple line items of income from a single stock.

Active Bonuses are not in play today. In the past, EA provided ways to receive extra income.

Other is the line item where you can see the details of the income you received from completing missions.

The Expenses also provide some opportunities for confusion.

Share Purchases of course detail your buying history of stocks. Also included are when other folks purchase your shares. Those purchases are in red, but they are not included in the Share Purchase total.

Store Purchase include costs for missions that you created, bonuses that you bought, and upgrades that you acquired.

Other is again a list of the mission rewards for the missions that you created.

EA says the bank data is updated every 15 minutes, but I have seen some indications that might not be perfectly accurate. EA says that when you click a line item, they will show 100 of the last details. That is not quite accurate either.


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