ImageEmpire Avenue has divided the application into 4 basic functional groups. Discover is sort of the grab bag with a bunch of different stuff. When you open Discover, you will see some suggestions from Dups for investing. I am not clear why he suggests these, but I don’t. You will find the suggestions have similar network scores to yours, but I seldom see any real value. Most of the recommendations seem to be inactive.

The next tab in Discover is Search. You can look for Tickers or other data elements to find profiles. A recent clean up of Ticker names has improved this feature. There are times when search behaves oddly for me; so don’t get frustrated if you struggle. I hear that improved Search is on EA’s programming list.

The next tab is Recent Arrivals. As folks sign up for the Avenue, their profiles are published here. This is a great place to buy inexpensive investments. Look for profiles with several active networks attached. There is also a screen that I hope makes several of you grin, the Recent Arrivals Leader Board. These boards are based on share price, and many folks find this an excellent place to locate high quality investments.

EA has added a Help tab to each of the functional groups. This incorporates the FAQ along with some additional information. This is a massive & recent improvement by EA that I will discuss in a later tip.

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