ImageThere was a lot of turmoil yesterday with the announcement of Premium Services for Empire Avenue. Although there is much to be said about that, my tip today is a bit more generic. The discussion about the Premium Services happened in the Empire Avenue General Community discussion.

If you are not a member, you should join. It is a great place to keep up with news and notes about EA. Dups, the CEO of EA, and other employees engage with everyone. No matter what you think about some of the management decisions, everyone has to appreciate their willingness to take the heat from us.

Communities extend to all sorts of special interest associations. Bankers, bank yard chickens, business folks, and scammers from fair to fowl have groups. Religions of every stripe including none at all. Various countries and language groups are available. You can find a place to engage with like minded folks. On the off chance, your favorite vice or association is not represented, you can even create your own community.

The best part from a game perspective is you get more than just information and affiliation. You actually get EA activity for participating in communities. Don’t be that person who writes nonsense on every community conversation just to increase your EA network score. Be mindful of the community rules of conduct. There are moderators out there who make this community admin seem tolerant.

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