ImageYour first week to 10 days

As you are starting out with your Empire Avenue adventure, the first week or two will set the tone. I am not saying that you can’t change or undo stuff, but I am saying that a solid start will make the rest of your time easier.

A ton of folks have invested in you to take advantage of your rising price. Everyone starts at 10 (e). Your share price rises as folks purchase your stock. There is a limit of 200 shares that can be purchased during your first week. After 7 days, folks can purchase up to their account limit aka Pie. To keep your account healthy (share price rising), you will need to figure out how to accomplish at least one of these items:

1. Get your dividend payment to at least 0.32(e)/share. That will put you into the top 5,000 paying profiles; so every serious investor will work on buying their limit of your shares. Clearly the higher your div payment; the more aggressively folks will purchase your shares.
2. Make a reciprocal investment in your investors. If you invest back in your investors, they are less likely to sell you in case that your divs or share price rise fail to meet your investor’s preference. Investing back also let’s other folks see that you are savvy about the game. More folks will invest because they want to be a part of your rising trends. In fact, I hear that you can get to over 600 (e) in a year with this tactic.

Don’t get upset if you find your share price falling. Most players experience a dip in share price as those initial investors sell. Continue to work on your Social Media engagement. Continue to invest in high quality profiles. Continue to be active on Empire Avenue.

Before long, you will find someone complaining about how expensive you are…and you can tell them that you remember when you were new!


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