Funny Business

ImageThere are as many reasons for playing Empire Avenue as there are players. Some folks are lonely, some are trying to make a quick buck, some are passionate about a cause, and some of us are just a bit confused. Surely the one goal that we can all agree on is that it’s good to have some fun.

To suggest that having fun is important is not to trivialize any of the other motivations. I don’t mean to minimize the work or cash that many spend to further their EA journey. I do want to remind everyone that you can do a ton of great things with a smile on your face.

Please, as you engage on Empire Avenue, find a bit of tolerance for folks with a different perspective. Your goals are important to you, but other goals for other folks are also valid. 

Try to avoid being annoying. I know for some of us that is tough, but a good effort will make the Avenue a better place. Try to avoid being snarky and judgmental. Give folks some space and opportunity. I have some news that may shock a few…you are not the center of the universe, and I am reasonably certain that you don’t know everything. 

Laugh at the small irritations you find today. Grin at your own foibles. Share a joke. Encourage someone. Figure out a way to help others have some fun on the Avenue. Who knows…that might even be a strategy for you to find a bit of fun also.

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5 thoughts on “Funny Business

  1. Adrian says:

    There’s no point being active in social media if not fun, Harold! 🙂

  2. ramonnatasha says:

    I have just stated and I am having loads of fun. You people are just awesome.

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