Getting High on the Avenue

ImageI often get asked how I got such a high share price so quickly.  I always laugh about that question; because I feel like it is the least and last thing that I have any control over.  I am detailed about how to build net wealth.  I am clear about how to grow dividends.  With share price, some days I ride a rocket ship and others a donkey cart.  Generally speaking I don’t do much different with my account.  I also don’t worry much about my price.  My only concession to concern about price is that I do work to avoid “red” days…I guess actually “gray” days is more accurate.  Dups decided that red freaked out folks; so he changed the down indicator to gray.  Up a little or up a lot doesn’t change much for me, but I have seen how price decline can feed on itself and really crater a stock.

I notice several of you asking about improving your share price. It seems that you are trying to figure out how to get folks to do something for you…I mean buy your shares. My advice about that, not just about Empire Avenue or Social Media, is that I get a ton more folks doing things for me, when I first do something for them.

Buy folks who are active investors. You will recognize them by seeing their EA activity and noticing that the number of investments in their portfolio is greater than their shareholder number.

If you can’t match share buys with your investors, find some other way to say thanks. Like a few of their FB posts, favorite a photo, or retweet a bit for them. That will encourage additional investments. Get a reputation as someone who is nice & helpful.  It is absolutely amazing how many folks will invest in you because you are nice.

I guess my idea is that if you find a way to contribute to the community the share buys will come.

Folks often ask me if a ‘buy me’ mission is the right thing to do.  I guess my answer about that is…wait for it…you know it is coming….yes, you guessed it…I think that answer is…it depends.  As a new profile, there will be days when you get impacted by folks selling you, by folks delisting from the Avenue creating refunds, and even by a low activity day.  Any or all of these things can conspire to create a falling share price.  If that happens to you everyday; then you need to examine your strategy to see what you are doing wrong.  Fix the fundamental problem for long term success.

If you are faced with an occasional, ugly day (for me that is a turn with a loss of greater than 0.50 (e) ); then I think that a buy me mission is a reasonable response.   The strategy for the mission is a bit complicated.  If you limit your mission to shareholders, you are less likely to have mission thief issues.  If you limit your mission to non-shareholders, you will find new investors.  If you are poor & in pain, doing a shareholder mission probably makes the most sense.  They are folks already on your team; so they will invest to protect their investment.

Sometimes folks fall in love with buy me missions.  I watch several folks who daily (a few multiple times a day) run buy me missions.  I have never spent any of my eaves to buy these folks, but you know that I am maxed in them.  Having to spend two eaves for each eave invested is a painful way to grow.   Also folks who just bought because of a mission seem to be quick to sell.   The problem that you create is folks expect your buy mission; so they never think to spend any of their own eaves to buy you.  That makes for really ugly days if you forget or can’t afford to create your normal buy me mission.

The other thing that I notice is that it is much easier to have a negative impact on your share price.  If you sell your investors, expect they will do the same to you.  That causes everyone’s share price to fall.  If you cheat on missions, folks get mad, provide negative feedback,  and block you.  That will cause your price to fall.  If you in any other way act like a jerk, folks will avoid investing in you.

Treasure your investors and treat them right.  They will help you get high on the Avenue!


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5 thoughts on “Getting High on the Avenue

  1. layanglicana says:

    Thank-you, Harold, for this post, which succinctly puts on paper a few universal truths which we learnt at our mother’s knee. It surprises me – but perhaps it shouldn’t – that insights such as ‘Say please and thank-you’ and ‘Do as you would be done by’ are genuinely regarded as brilliant new stratagems for success. (Of course, you do write it well, and you also have some insights which are your own!) It amazes me how many people in their initial message to others, on the day they join, is ‘buy my shares’. Manners, manners! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on TygrScott and commented:
    Love empireavenue.

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