I gImageuess I am feeling crotchety today, but I got a bit frustrated reading my wall shouts this morning. Don’t misunderstand. I appreciate the engagement. I know the shouts are good for my & the shouter’s EA score. I encourage all of you to leave shouts, but good grief Charley Brown! A little common courtesy and good sense would be really helpful.

1. Don’t paste onto my wall a request to buy back when I am maxed in you. It really tempts me to sell; particularly if you are not the Avenue’s finest investment.

2. Don’t spam me with your latest scam, offer, or whatever self promotion thing you are into. If you really have something worth anything, engage with me & get to know me; then you can judge if I am really a fit for your offer. BTW…not a fit for the MLM stuff for what it’s worth.

3. Don’t tell me to connect with you on all your Social Media accounts. If you really want to connect with me, perhaps a shout that says I would like to connect with you on some network, would you be willing to accept my request? Polite, permissive and putting the work on the side of the person who wants to make the connection…seems reasonable and someone I might actually enjoy.

4. Don’t get ahead of yourself. I admit that I found some humor a few weeks ago when someone who was still a Fresh Face shouted on my wall that I needed to watch the Empire Avenue tips video she had made to find some information that would really help me grow my account. Really was that smart to shout on my wall?

Wall shouts…just like any conversation in real life need to be polite. They need to at least appear to be a real effort to communicate from a real person to a real person. Keep the self promotion stuff down to a dull roar. Too much crap is a really good way to find yourself muted or even blocked. Remember what your mom taught you…be nice to everyone.

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8 thoughts on “Crochety

  1. ransae says:

    Really good article, but people on social sites seldom follow these rules. Thanks for sharing these useful tips to follow.

  2. ransae says:

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  3. Reblogged this on Greatpoetrymhf's Weblog and commented:
    Delightfully honest, straightforward, clean, clear and concise…Harold’s Garden is a wonderful place to learn Thanks kindly

  4. A simple Thank you for your support works for me, both giving and receiving Harold. Your reputation online is even more important, many would argue, than your reputation offline…

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