Name Calling

ImageEA has just released a bunch of changes to the Terms of Service (TOS) that relate to your account that you need to consider.

1. If you have an EA Personal account, you must use your real name. This is similar to Facebook’s TOS. The avatar photo should be an image of you, and the social networks that are attached must be yours. Business accounts on EA also include causes, nonprofits, and other associations. Again the social networks should match the name of the business. Dups has been clear there is no effort to trap folks; just to ensure that accounts are real.

2. EA names will now only contain numbers or characters. This is really a good change. Many of you with “interesting” names do not realize how often folks can’t find you with a search because of your “cute” name. If I can’t find you, I can’t invest. You can change your name yourself, or EA will fix it for you.

3. EA will generally not allow you to change your ticker. This has been a bit of an issue; since folks who have acted poorly swap tickers to try to hide their guilt.

4. You can’t transfer your account without EA’s written permission.

5. EA is going to figure a way to notify your shareholders whenever there is a material change to your account. Things like changing Social Media Networks come to mind.

A really interesting thing for me is the small detail that Dups adds about enforcement of these policies. EA will notify you if a question arises. You have 3 days to respond. EA plans to suspend accounts…watch this word…”suspected” of any violation of the TOS. If you don’t respond in 3 days, they may at their discretion delete your account. It may take 3 weeks or more for EA to review any data regarding your suspended account.

I suspect if your account is suspended for 3 weeks, the damage will be catastrophic. I think the news is keep it clean out there folks. As in all reputation based situations, even an allegation is really tough to overcome.

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10 thoughts on “Name Calling

  1. Well, I wanted to change my name to my real name the issue is that my real name is too long for there input box- I know as I just tried it this morning . Only 12 characters long prestonode is what I ended up with- actually I can add the N but that doesn’t sound too good. My Dad was called Ode so I might as well take on that tradition. What can you do then? I think I will have to leave it like it is.

  2. I kept it the same- says it will become permanent after 2 hours. Also something expiring 1 week from now- business or personal. I always did personal since people know me not my company. Branded myself.

  3. jamiereilly273 says:

    I always try and use my real name. I like the idea of branding myself.

  4. Reblogged this on Greatpoetrymhf's Weblog and commented:
    Telling it like it is Clarification for us newbies or new to technology….this makes it clear…thX Harold

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