Wlion_zebra3ith the new EA rating system and mission FAQ, figuring out exactly how to respond to mission takers is a bit of a headache.  I am not saying that I have it completely figured out here.  Rating mission takers is still a major pain because the user interface is so difficult; so let me admit here that I don’t always rate my missions.  But when I do provide feedback, I have arrived at a plan.  I put folks who do my missions into four categories.

1.  If you do what I wanted you to do, I give positive feedback.  If you are spectacular, I try to figure a way to say thanks.  That is usually a big investment if I can.  Sometimes I bounce over to a network for some affirmative engagement.  Sometimes just a warm place in my hear where I wait watchfully for an opportunity.  I know I will see these folks on the leader boards.

2.  If you do my mission inadequately, but you do something; then I usually just don’t provide feedback.  You also become a candidate for my personal hall of shame.  When I have an opportunity where I can help or kick sand, offenders should not be surprised by my choice.   Examples of this are folks who engage with 1 post on a bomb request, folks who only buy a few shares from a buy mission, and folks who take a comment mission and reply with “nice post.”  Stingy folks like this struggle on EA.

3.  If you don’t do my mission, I will try to message you first.  My message is an effort to give the alleged offender an opportunity.  Generally I asked if he had some difficulty with my mission.  If you have messaging turned off, I assume that you are pond scum.  I will believe almost any story, if you will reply & then comply.  I will notice and watch you carefully.   No reply means that you are intentionally evil.  If you don’t have the network required to do the mission attached to your EA account, I assume your character is flawed.  That will get you a negative rating from me.

4.  Most folks get one chance with a negative rating.  If it happens again, I go beyond negative feedback.  I report and block the miscreant.  I also belong to a number of groups who share information about folks who seem to struggle with the  EA social contract.  If I am aware the offender has misbehaved with others, they lose their first strike and just get blocked instantly.

These are my ideas.  How do you respond to the folks on Empire Avenue who don’t act responsibly?

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8 thoughts on “Response-ability

  1. Yes I am running into this and I also think I posted to Paul as well. How do you handle this? I just did 2 missions- cost 12,000 each and had all 20 taken.. I messaged them, some got back to me and completed the mission requirements, others said they did it, but I know they did not. Others like you mentioned don’t have the message turned on, so there is no way to contact them except – do a shout to them by giving them 1 share but maybe they will get back to you? If I go ahead and give them bad-feedback will they complain about it. Will my account also get affected. I know we only have 21 days to lodge this complaint so I am not sure what to do as well. I don’t want to intentionally hurt anyone, but sometimes you might need to do this?

    • At the present time, feedback can only be seen by the EA staff. Dups said they will let everyone know when or if they begin to make anything public. The other option that you have is to block the person. That will make them unable to do your missions or invest in you in the future. I think that everyone should use negative feedback and blocking to protect the rest of the community from folks who misbehave.

  2. benbrilliant says:

    I look over the missions they have done and if I see a pattern of dishonest I block them immediately. One of the most fascinating things about EAV is that they allow people the freedom to make their own choices. It really emphasizes the fact that karma is what keeps this game going. But just like in life, you have remove the things that are not about forward progession. And that’s basically what mission thieves are. as you said above if everyone uses the feedback channels correctly more action will be taken by the staff I believe.

    • Going to be fun to watch how this stuff plays out. EA needs lots of folks to do missions well if they are ever going to make any money, but the enforcement is tricky trying to stay out of TOS issues.

      • Ben- That is a very good point- “I look over the missions they have done and if I see a pattern of dishonest I block them immediately.” I need to do this,cause I found out you can only give feedback before 21 days after the mission runs. Looking at the calendar today is the last day.. what is the time for the servers? Are they in the USA – if not , I have to do now? How do they measure the 21 days- is it based on what time my mission went out or some other way?

      • benbrilliant says:

        That’s a very good point. Can you give me some advice on how I can quickly build up the divs I’m getting. Should I just buy everything?

      • I am not sure about the quickly part. The quickest way to increase increase the income that you get from dividends is to invest in high ROI stocks. That means the stock that have the best ratio between the cost of the stock and the dividend that the stock pays. Check insideEAv or to help you find these stocks.

        Just watch the volatility issues around these investments.

      • benbrilliant says:

        Thank you very much!

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