ImageI have found in my real life, there are a ton of things that I want to do, buy, and have. I have also found that my bank account is not always perfectly supportive of me trying to do everything all at once. 

Folks often ask how do I…raise my share price, wealth, income, friends, followers, investments, ROI, dividends or whatever. I actually have some suggestions for just about any of those. When I start to explain how to do any of those, folks usually stop me with…BUT…! They begin to realize that an exclusive focus on one of these will have consequences somewhere else.

I guess what everyone is looking for is some magic trick that will improve all the good stuff, be fast, and really easy. You may be surprised to know that I have this secret. Actually it is not much of a secret at all. My trick has the added benefit of making Dups very happy. Just go to the Empire Avenue shop and buy a ton of eaves! What…you wanted it to be free also…lol! 

The point of my silliness is that progress down Empire Avenue is largely a balancing act. Buying back investors will help your share price, but your daily income may not grow as fast. Spending all your eaves on missions may increase the dividends you pay, but your income is not likely to increase. You have to figure out the things that are important and balance your spending & effort to support those things. Just be mindful to spend your income in the places that you truly value…that sounds nearly scriptural.

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4 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Adrian says:

    Thanks Harold.

    Something I need to be mindful of is time (as in length of time that I’ve been a member) v cost (of acquisition).

    I really want to max out in my best investments (and some maximum level investors) but need to try and stay patient.

    If an old-hand investor, i.e. big share price, is maxed in you, would you try and match them or invest in newer stocks that seem to have more scope for price increase?

    • I just found this comment in my spam folder Adrian. Sorry I just don’t check it that often, & I am not sure why it ended up there.

      My idea for that is both. When I was starting, I didn’t try to match or even max the big guys (in my current situation, this advice is a bit painful…lol). I did try to make a reasonable investment back, but I think most of the long time expensive players have reasonable expectations.

      Missions were not as lucrative when I started; so the best was to build capital was to “farm newbies.” By that I mean that I bought a ton of new players at 10 (e); then sold them as they lost interest and stopped gaining in share price. Today with Pie 16, the share price growth of 7 day graduates is probably the biggest place to grow net wealth rapidly. That is really just a volume question. You can only own 200 shares of a fresh face; but when they graduate, you can buy 1,400 more shares.

      When you are looking for dividend income, investing in the strong ROI stocks is the best opportunity. Climbing to that first 1 million in daily dividend income is all about strong ROI buys. From there, you sort of forget ROI and just go for the high dividend players.

  2. You are right Harold, it is a balancing act.. You experiment a lot with what you do on this network. Some things work out very well, others… well let’s say it was just a “test” – it is good to be scriptural 🙂 I am still learning and I enjoy reading your blog and Paul’s there is a lot of information out there, just need to know where to find it. I am not even close in the share price I thought I would be at.. good thing is most people are not selling me, at least what I can tell and more people are buying me just like I am. I do missions now because of the contest – Who would not want to get that many E’s in the account, but I am way behind in this as more important “life” things have happened.

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