With a B?

ImageI got to a big milestone yesterday: a Billion in net wealth. I remember just a few months ago Kevin Green became the first billionaire on the Avenue. Several folks have asked how I achieved this so quickly. I was also trying to decide what kind of mission to run to celebrate. Those loose thoughts came together to remind me about something really important.

None of us make this journey down Empire Avenue alone. I think of the days when I was mad, frustrated, discouraged, and ready to quit; then someone would reach out with a kind word or a nice mission for me. I am not sure how they knew or why they were so kind. In fact, I was trying to make a list of all the folks who have helped. I quit in embarrassment. So many folks have helped me that I know I will foul up and forget someone if I tried to say thanks to them individually.

I don’t mean this as just some random feel good statement. Yesterday I was watching my wealth number closely; since there wasn’t a lot of margin. The funny thing that I noticed was that number went up over a million while I was watching. I wasn’t doing missions or anything; so I felt a bit confused. I finally realized that the gains were from my investment appreciation. The fact is I gain a ton yesterday because the success of others. When their share price rose, my wealth did also. 

If the only person you care about is the nut behind your keyboard, you will stunt your own growth. Do more on a mission than required. Encourage someone who seems to be struggling. Find a way to be nice to some folks. Generosity gets rewarded on Empire Avenue…and perhaps even beyond the Avenue.

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4 thoughts on “With a B?

  1. DES Daughter says:

    Nice post and… congrats 😀

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