Closing Time

ImageEach day Empire Avenue runs a process on every account. Dups calls it User Close; everyone else calls it the turn. Several things happen during this process. Network Scores are calculated. Your dividend that you pay your investors is calculated. Dividends are paid from your investments. Your share price is adjusted for your Social Media activity. The process begins at 1:00 UTC (that is 8:00 pm CDT).

This used to be a single process that sort of started randomly and ended even more randomly. Now it is a multi-threaded process with a definite start time. The two things that we really care about with this process are the payment of dividends and share price adjustment. For awhile the dividend payment happened first then the share price adjustment. Doesn’t necessarily seem to be the case anymore.

I have seen dividend payment as early as 5:00 am and as late as noon CDT. It is a software process that depends on other systems for its data; so sometimes software processes fail. Bottom line is that at some point your investments will pay you a dividend.

Based on your Social Media activity, EA also adjusts your share price. This part is a bit hazy; but if you are less active, you should expect your price to move downward. I am not sure if refunds from players leaving EA reduce your share price immediately or at user close, maybe it is both…double punishment. It seems like it happens at the turn, but that is another of those EA mysteries.

Lots of fun over at the General Community discussion board. Go have a glance and share a thought.

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8 thoughts on “Closing Time

  1. duanetilden says:

    Explains a lot of what has been going on. I have sort of assumed that calculations are iterated. Leaves some questions though, one I have is when activities are cut off and if there are times at the “turn” when some activity may get lost in the next cycle.

    I’ve had my own difficulties about dipping share price over the last two days. A lot of work got me back into the green today though! Keep up the great work on timely and interesting topics!

    • Dups has been asked about data that doesn’t get ‘found’ until later. He says that is one of the reasons they went to the 1:00 UTC. That allows them to collect data they find later and add it to the next day. I am not sure how that works.

      I sure hope the delistings settle down. The refunds have been brutal recently.

      Thanks for your reply and the kind words.

  2. philrosenberg says:

    It’s frustrating that the turn isn’t more standardized. I like to review accounts late evening and decide which underperforming accounts (if any) to sell. Since closing time isn’t standardized, it makes the decision trickier, since I can’t tell if the data reflects today’s activity or only yesterday’s.

  3. Great info thanx for sharing!!!!

  4. goxone1 says:

    This is great info to know! It seemed like changes happened while I slept but now I see its a bit longer process. Great post!

    • Hopefully before long EA will clarify and clean up the closing process. Niall said that they would get something more official posted. I just wished they would pay dividends at the same time every day. They make me crazy…ok crazier!

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