Life’s Little Ironies

ImageHave you ever noticed that sometimes when you are trying to do one thing, the opposite thing keeps happening? I play a bit of tennis. I will practice really hard on my serve; then I go out to play and it stinks. I get frustrated & don’t even care; then I play great. Life is full of little ironies and unexpected outcomes.

On Empire Avenue, I have noticed two kinds of players. I will call them the Givers and the Takers. I know it is oversimplifying. I get there is a bit of mix in all of us, but you understand my idea. Here is the funny thing that I notice. The results end up opposite of what I might expect.

The self promoting, buy my shares, do my tasks, look at me I am so awesome folks seem to run into trouble. Because they are good at attracting attention, they often rise to the top of the new player leader boards. A bit longer view, finds them quitting or at best languishing along the sidelines. Selfish players looking out only for themselves seem somehow to get lost along the Avenue.

Folks who play the game looking to give back seem to have the best results by almost any measure of the game. Somehow real altruism seems the best way to have great results. I read a blog post by Charles Perky that mentioned how true influencers are great listeners. Somehow when we put others first our own stuff goes better.

I think that the selfish folks forget that in order to truly succeed we have to be mutually invested in each other. That makes your success my victory also. Your share price and dividends rise; so my wealth and income rise. As my profile grows, my investors benefit. Being a giver really is a great strategy to succeed on Empire Avenue…might even work other places.

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12 thoughts on “Life’s Little Ironies

  1. kvvinto says:

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  2. Kim Siever says:

    Great insights. 😉

  3. bagus pribadi says:

    nice share dude 😀

  4. Adrian says:

    Thanks Harold. Both for this post and your general advice.

    This made me wince slightly as I’d just ran a mission to get some folks to buy shares in me. I hadn’t realised that was a bad thing and genuinely believed it was a good thing for the game. Give away some Eaves; gain some new investors?

    • I have run…in fact…now that I think about it…I am currently running a buy me mission. I don’t think it is wrong to take care of your account health (I am doing it because the turn will be brutal with all the refunds yesterday). I also do them to locate new folks who probably could not afford to buy much if any of me otherwise.

      By taking care of your account, you actually take care of the other folks who have already invested in you. I guess the point of my post it to try to remind folks that none of us are the center of the universe. Even more that as we look to support and assist each other everyone benefits.

  5. goxone1 says:

    Great post! I haven’t been around long enough to see their “stars” burn out… But I sure have seen them around. The genuine people are pretty easy to spot and YOU are surely one of the best Harold!

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