Clicks for Cliques

ImageMuch like high school, EA seems to have a bunch of cliques. Some are sort of loosely organized. Some are built around businesses. Some seem organized around various countries or interest groups. Although some have a public presence, I am not talking about the numerous FB, EA, or G+ communities. I am really describing good old high school cliques.

Most of the cliques are focused around an individual. A few seem to have group leadership. Some just seem to be natural affiliations. Some are trying to promote a cause. Some are trying to make cash like the MLM’s or even a few scammers. To make matters more confusing, folks leading these often own/control/manage multiple tickers. 

This isn’t necessarily nefarious. Some groups are just folks that like & know each other. Some are bound together by causes like health or the environment. A few may have less charitable goals.

So why is Harold telling new players about this? You might want to be a bit careful to understand all the connections when you get an invitation. While an invitation is fun and flattering, make sure you understand all the connections. Even more important…if or when you share an unflattering opinion, make sure you understand the connections and relationships. You never know exactly who owns the weird account that frustrates you.

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3 thoughts on “Clicks for Cliques

  1. A lot to learn. Thanks.

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