ImageWhat Harold can tell by looking at these profiles

10 Profiles in Portfolio 
154 Shareholders 
1 Active Missions 

14 Profiles in Portfolio 
219 Shareholders 
1 Active Missions 

I see an increasing number of new profiles that look like this. I can tell that these folks are not likely to be around much longer. 

Although they both seem to be quite active, they lack a strategy for surviving the future. Their investments are minimal. Looks like the only investments they have made are from buy me missions. These folks are going to run out of time, energy, and cash.

Their income is almost exclusively from share sales and doing missions. The problem with relying on share sales is your percentage of the sale falls in your first weeks on the Avenue. Also the number of folks buying your shares tends to slow as you become more expensive. Missions are an awesome way to earn income, but missions take a bunch of time. Playing EA as a full time job pays poorly. 

There are just two other ways to earn eaves. Investing in other people will earn you a daily deposit from their dividends. About the time I wake up in the morning, EA very kindly deposits a few million eaves into my bank from my investments. The only other way to earn eaves is to spend cash. Although Dups will be grateful, that is a very expensive way to play.

Delay for a while your urge to create missions. For some of you, the real reason that you joined EA was to get free advertising from missions. Everyone that I know well, wishes they would have avoided funding their first few missions. A bit more experience will help you understand how to make your missions effective. Even more important using your scarce eaves for investments early will pay dividends forever!

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12 thoughts on “Snooping

  1. Fishingkev says:

    very true with the missions.. I wasted some early time and eaves fooling with them.

  2. usafa93 says:

    It’s just like real life, isn’t it? Delay that instant gratification. Invest, take advantage of compound interest.

    Are you a grasshopper or an ant?

    • Sort of funny to see your comment. I was thinking about day traders and pulling together a post. Seems like those sort of folks run into trouble on the Avenue and in real life.

  3. Quite snooping but you are right. Thanks for the advice.

  4. Kiara Lane says:

    This is exactly why I say that a 30e stock price isn’t enough to allow them to create missions. They should not be able to create a mission until they have at least a 5 million Portfolio Value and they should not be able to increase missions until the net wealth increases in 5s. 10 mil 2 missions, 15 mil 3 mission etc. That way they can’t set them self up for eminent failure the way they are.

    • I think it is a great idea. Unfortunately Dups seems to disagree with us. He has made missions available instantly for folks who pay money. Deferred gratification seems to be a bit of a foreign concept for many.

  5. martinpierce32 says:

    I see two possible issues. First, I wonder if some of the younger people in the game understand the concept of investments and dividends. The second thing I wonder about is whether they’re sufficiently future-oriented to understand the value of investing eaves now to get a greater return back in the future. It might look like a waste of eaves to them.

    Not everyone in the game has a real business. The people who do should understand this game well. I emphasize “should.”

  6. dcomeau33 says:

    Thank You Harold for clearing up a misunderstanding on my part about what “newbies” should be doing and why. after reading your EA profile, I am very interesting in your blog tips now, as well. I try to do more investing and missions , as my time allows, although I now have 2 missions active but they are for a particular client of mine Keep up the good work in spreading your valuable info!

    • I really don’t intend to criticize the way anyone plays. I am just trying to point folks to the easiest way for each of us to achieve our desired goals. Good luck on your journey down the Avenue.

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