Be Nice

 ImageKind & Polite is a great strategy

I am noticing a fair number of ‘growling’ communications around the Avenue. I am not saying that you have to love everything that everyone says or does. I even confess that you might get a less than thrilled message from me if you start selling my shares or stealing my missions, but Social Media is about engaging with people.

If your messaging is consistently grumpy, folks are likely to avoid you. 

If your messaging conveys the idea that you know everything, folks will tune you out.

If you try to tell folks what they should do, the best outcome is they will ignore you. They might get upset or tell you what you should do…or where you can go!

If your messaging is all about you, folks will ignore your self promotion and listen little to anything that you say.

If your messaging is fun & affirmative, folks will want to hear more.

If your posts are beautiful and informative, folks will pay attention.

If you listen and respond when folks reach out, they are likely to be grateful and respnd again. If you really try to help the folks, they are likely to try to help you. You might even build some real relationships that are useful beyond the Avenue.

EA is not a zero sum game. You will not win by trying to beat others. We win as we help each other succeed. Remember that we are all invested in the competition.

This is the most important lesson that you learned in school…and probably on your first day. Mean people play alone. Play nice & you will have friends.

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14 thoughts on “Be Nice

  1. tulleuchen says:

    Reblogged this on Tulleuchen's Random Blog and commented:
    A good message for EA folks!

  2. In essence Harold, you get back what you give out. It’s always a reminder worth hearing. Thanks.

  3. haha i call it the FB mentality.. that is to say a lack of comprehension that others just are not that interested in hearing someone whine,. in real life they are avoided, a bit harder in confined spaces like the internet.. on another point, you give people a flea in the ear for selling your shares ? really? i would have thought as eav is set up as a shareholding simulated community that would be just part of the game and for some peeps it is why they are playing… xxx

    • I guess my point is that folks who are looking after their own interests to the exclusion of others seem to lose both themselves and their friends. I find that true in life, on FB, and also on Empire Avenue. Amazing when you examine the EA leader board how many folks are helpful & generous instead of greedy and selfish.

  4. Luigi Cappel says:

    Excellent blog, to me its all about the relationships I am developing. To have so many smart and caring people in one place is wonderful. It has taken me awhile to really start to understand what EA is about and now I am starting to really engage with people here and loving it.

  5. martinpierce32 says:

    Hardly anybody has offended me on EA. But I haven’t been running missions yet either.

    So far, since it doesn’t bother me much when people sell my shares, I’ve been okay.

    I set up a community called “Christ Followers,” where I’m trying to network with other Christians. It only has ten members so far. I’m happy to network with unbelievers as well, but can’t always do their missions.

    • I think folks miss the problem with share sales. Selling really causes me almost no issues, but I get concerned about what it does to my shareholders. Share sales hurt the folks who hold my shares because it reduces the value that they have invested in me. Their net wealth is reduced, not mine.

  6. Kiara Lane says:

    This is good advice. I must admit I’ve done a little of all of these post, depending on the stage in the game and my mood. When I started it appeared everyone was doing the self promotion and I jumped on the self promotion band wagon. Then sometimes people would send me an inbox message wanting to know what was I doing or how I was doing it. So then I would share advice, sometimes they would do it and sometimes they wouldn’t. I had to learn that just because they are asking doesn’t mean they really want to know. It may mean they just want to complain about you later, because they may post 1 picture a month to Instagram and you may post 20 a day. All questions aren’t to learn good things some are to be nosey.

    Friends and networking make the game worth coming back to once you reach a certain level. No one expects you to win, but sometimes a little competition is very fun.

    People play for all different types of reasons.

    • I think I wrote this because folks were wanting to know my secret for being successful on EA. They seem to be looking for some magic trick that makes it take no time or energy. Be nice and try hard seem to be the keys. Neither are as easy as I would prefer.

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