Great Divide


One of the keys to playing Empire Avenue is understanding the dividends that you create to pay to your investors. The quick explanation is that EA evaluates the Social Media networks that you have connected to create the payment that each of your investors receive. The evaluation is based on the size of your network, your activity, and the response you receive.

To get into greater detail can help you plan your game strategy, but the details are so complex that even Dups, the CEO of EA, gets confused when he explains. I guess that is my warning that the following may be a bit tough to understand.

Each day EA evaluates all your connected social media accounts including EA and assigns a score. EA does not tell us the daily score. The score that you see on your profile page is a 30 day average for each connected network. That is why new accounts tend to have big score changes; while it is really slow and tough to change scores with older accounts.

EA provides some ‘smoothing’ of Network Scores; so a day with limited activity will not destroy your dividends. This is also why a day with extreme activity seems to have little impact.

The networks are not the same for creating dividends. LinkedIn is specifically mentioned as having less weight. Experience, the Network Leader Boards, and clues from the EA General Discussion help with guesses, but EA does not provide details.

Each day EA takes your top 5 networks scores for producing dividends. This may not be your top 5 network scores. This is your smoothed daily network score; not the score that you see on your profile. EA then uses ALL your network scores (evidently the 30 day number) to create a multiplier to create the dividend. 

This means that activity in your top 5 dividend producing networks is the most important thing for creating dividends. Regular activity is rewarded, but a missed day can be survived. 

This also means that more networks are better always. A bit of activity is rewarded even in your less active networks, and there is no punishment for attaching a lower activity network.

Remember this entire post is a combination of information provided by EA, experience, and speculation. EA has recently made substantial changes to the algorithm that calculates dividends. We are still trying to figure out all the implications of these changes.

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12 thoughts on “Great Divide

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  2. martinpierce32 says:

    Wow, that sounds more complicated than the stock market! On second thought, no. I don’t think anyone’s thought of a thousand different ways to rig this system! 🙂

  3. Great article. Very useful info. Thanks

  4. Thanks for this explanation! My dividend score has decreased slightly, and I wasn’t sure what made it go up.

    Of course, after my first 2 weeks on EA I assumed it was over-inflated (at 0.87) and would go down a little, but I also expected a fall out of my share price (171.87 and rising). So the fact that the share price is going up and the dividend is decreasing very slightly was confusing me! 🙂

    • The last of the top 5,000 dividend paying profiles on EA pays about 0.32(e)/share. The ratio between your price and dividend is what we call ROI. It is still very attractive. As your price goes up, the ratio falls. There is no reasonable way to increase your divs to match your share price eventually. My profile is a tough ROI investment, but I try to provide value beyond ROI for my investors.

  5. AlainBKK says:

    very interesting, I learnt some tips. Thanks Harold. Reblogged.

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