ImageMission Definitions

Once you have a mission launched, you can Archive, Rerun, or Clone a mission from the Mission Dashboard.

The Mission Dashboard allows you to see & manage the missions that you have created. You can see the folks who completed your mission & provide Feedback (rating) for them. You can check for likes and comments. 

You can Rerun a mission 24 hours after you launch it, or after all the rewards are used. You can’t change anything about a mission that you Rerun. You can only add additional rewards. Folks who have already done the mission can’t do the Rerun mission. 

The other option is to Clone a mission. That just means making a copy of a mission. You can edit the mission in every way. You should remove the word Copy that is added to the end of your mission title. Folks can do this mission even if they took the mission that was cloned.

Archiving a mission means that it is removed from the mission page and no one can do it. Missions are automatically archived 4 hours after all the rewards are claimed or after 15 days. You can manually archive a mission anytime. The unused reward & reward fee are returned to you. The details show up in the Refund line of your Bank. You can still give feedback for 21 days after a mission was archived. To Rerun or Clone a mission, it must be archived.

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