Begin Anew

Here is a bit of info about what is going on during your first few days on the Avenue.

When you sign up:
Tons of folks buy new players. Everyone starts out priced at 10.0 (e) per share. As folks buy your stock, your price increases. To take advantage of that increase, many buy new players (Fresh Faces); then they will sell if or when the price stops rising. The number and quality of your Social Media Networks is the key here.

When your first turn happens (usually around 6 am CDT)
EA runs a daily process to calculate & pay dividends that we call the turn. This first one for new users is really important; because it is the first time folks will see the dividend that you will pay to your investors. If it is bad [less than .12 (e) per share], folks will tend to sell you. If it is good [more than .12 (e)], folks will tend to buy you.

When you get to 30.0(e) share price, you can run a mission.

When your profile gets to 7 days old, you lose your Fresh Face status. At that point folks can buy as much as 1,600 (or 1,800 in special circumstances) of your shares. Folks will do that if they think you are a good investment and are going to stick around. Folks will sell you if they don’t.

When you get your first share price dip. Most new players will experience a dip in Share Price at some point in their first week or few. Happens at different times for different players. Folks who bought to take take advantage of your share price rise, will decide to take their profit and run. You can slow this down by investing in your investors and engaging with them. Don’t freak out. This too will pass.

When your income source begins to change. The percentage you receive when your shares are sold will gradually decrease. You need to make investments that provide dividend income, or you will find yourself really poor.


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