Mission Engagement

If you are looking for true engagement, a mission can only be a start. Consider exactly what you are trying to accomplish and keep your expectations realistic. Some say that missions promote ‘fake’ engagement. While surely less that your ‘organic’ results, missions can be very helpful priming the pump for more lasting relationship. 

Consider how tough it can be getting that first date…I mean comment or share. A new FB page can seem really scary for your customers, but a few likes and comments help folks feel more comfortable. A mission can help with those things, but awareness may be the best you should expect from a mission. Missions can be a great introduction, but you will rarely close the sale with a mission. 

The EA community is quite small; so don’t overdo it. I heard someone who has run a ton of missions in a very focused niche complain that missions don’t work anymore. My reply was that gluttony is a deadly sin. Even with outstanding rewards…no matter how much you love your niche…there is a risk of too much of a good thing becoming a problem.

If you see someone doing a great job with your mission; reach out with thanks, an investment, or even a bit of reciprocation. They might even feel obligated to reach out and do something nice for you again. If you aren’t careful, you could end up with a real relationship.

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6 thoughts on “Engagement

  1. kvvinto says:

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  2. tulleuchen says:

    Well said! I think one of the best examples of people that use missions to push things off the ground (maybe only a little extra push) is Peter Hollens (not that he needs it). Another thing he also does is make really really good content so that the missions is practically something you’d do for free.

  3. babfari says:

    So far these arguments are the best and most consistent I’ve read. Absolutely agree

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