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Don’t be ridiculous about what you want done in your mission. New players particularly try to get ‘value’ for your hard earned eaves. We all know that folks ignore low reward missions; so the solution for some is to scrape together a big reward and ask for a ton of stuff. There are MANY problems with this approach.

If you require a bunch of stuff, it will take a long time to figure out if everyone did all the stuff you wanted correctly. Checking the mission will make you tired.

If you require a bunch of stuff, many folks will only partially do your mission. Did they make an error, get frustrated, not read, not care, forget because it was a long list? Then you have to figure out how to respond. Do you send them a message? Do you give a negative rating? Do you block them?

If you require 5 or more retweets, nobody with a real twitter account is going to do that. That will get you retweeted only by folks who have no followers. The same sort of principle applies on every platform. Comments are not essays. As much as you like your pictures, nobody is going to do a mission to share all of them.

If your mission description has a numbered list, you don’t have a mission. Look at the last number on your list. That is how many missions that you have.

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