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Some folks will be attracted by a catchy mission title, but let’s be real. Most mission takers want to know the amount of the reward and the action you require. If you are wonderfully witty, I guess go for the clever title. I would caution that you not get so clever that folks pass your mission; because they can’t quickly figure out what you want. I admit to preferring titles that just tell me the amount and the action.

On your mission title, do not lie or mislead. You risk getting a negative rating for your mission and having unhappy folks doing your mission. I particularly despise folks who mislead about the amount of the reward. There has become a game for some who put the amount that the mission cost them to create in the title. I promise that nobody cares what a mission cost the creator. I am not a fan of the ‘potential’ reward in the title either. Seems bogus to me for someone to say 80k mission; then offer a 500(e) reward to get to a mission list. EA very nicely displays all of your missions in a list on the mission screen. Worst are the folks who simply lie about the reward. Negative ratings and reporting abuse seem to be fair ways to discourage this behavior.

I am not a fan oversold titles either. Free Eaves when it is really just a mission that requires some action. These missions that are titled “10,000 Free Eaves”; then the mission description says…”to buy my shares” or whatever…it is a good way to get a bad rating or a mission stolen. Easy, simple, fast, quick, fun, etc. don’t belong in your mission title. Do you only want gullible folks to do your mission? This really isn’t Craig’s List despite some occasional evidence to the contrary.

Clever titles are overrated. I am convinced that a reasonable reward asking for a straightforward action by a reputable member of the community is the best way to get a mission accomplished. It is certainly the best way to begin long term engagement.

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