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Second…since I know that you won’t pay that much attention to my previous post.  When you create a mission, please consider trying my personal rules for life.  Others have called it the KISS technique:  Keep It Simple Stupid!

Most people will not read your mission description.  Many people struggle with understanding English.  If you have more than a screen of mission description, you are begging for disappointment.

Buy me, Like bomb, Retweet type missions asking for a simple action are most likely to succeed.  Interestingly I find that high reward missions generate more mission theft than rewards that match the ‘going rate.’

I have seen folks opine that creative missions will help your success.  Perhaps with some that is accurate, but I prefer to do missions that are easily understood with safe content from a mission creator with a solid reputation.  Become that kind of mission creator, and folks will wait eagerly to do your missions.

Match your reward to the task.  A Retweet is simple; so folks will do it for a lower reward.  The content will also make a difference.  A beautiful photo or a nice quote is easy for anyone to share.  Promoting porn, drug use, idiosyncratic politics, or divisive religious views is more problematic; so that mission will likely require a higher reward.  If you want a long comment, recommendation, or a long video watched; match your reward to the task.  Consider honestly whether you would do the task for that reward for someone you didn’t know or trust.

Some folks think that explaining the reason or justification for the mission will help.  Your long explanation will inconvenience many electrons, and both of the folks who read it.  Has anyone really been convinced by the text of a mission description to do the mission?  Many more have been convinced not to do a mission because of a long, confusing description.


One of the older profiles on the Avenue offers very high paying missions regularly.  I have done exactly two of them.  I am not sure that I did either one of them correctly; so I just decided to pass.  His long, convoluted descriptions just leave me baffled.  Besides I can do 3 or 4 retweets in less time than it takes to read…much less do his mission.

I have one exception to the keep it short rule.  Please be careful to list any unusual terms, conditions, prerequisites, & warnings.  Not Workplace Safe, unsuitable for some streams, self injury trigger, or anything that might not be completely obvious from a brief glance.  A personal peeve is a registration requirement that is not mentioned.  Remember that mission takers can also rate the mission creator.

Personally I despise the warnings against mission theft.  Some folks claim it works, but I really hate the tone it sets.  Sort of sounds like someone invited me to dinner and included a warning not to steal the silver.  Also you set yourself up for a ton of work:  checking, rating, reporting, & blocking on every mission will make that a full time job.

A bit long winded here, but I think I will conclude:  If you KISS with the missions you create, you can have some very enjoyable results.


20 thoughts on “Kissing

  1. Very useful and interesting !! Thanks to share !!!

  2. mslamourfou says:

    I agree KISSing is the best way to approach EA Missions. I too like you am disappointed with long descriptions that ask you to do more than one action. I am curious as to why Klout missions are no longer as popular?

  3. Thanks Harold. My share price is getting close to 30e so this info is definitely going to help me when I start creating missions:)

  4. kobihartinc says:

    Great post, Very interesting. I was also thinking, Would it be ok to feature you on my new blog. I will be adding a box with recommended friends in it. With links to their EmpireAvenue Profiles. Thank Anthony. if so please a comment on the blog.

  5. stevinip says:

    As a new kid on the block it is hard to figure out what the usual rate is. I can only afford to make missions for 5000e so I try to keep it simple. You are right it does feel weird to have to say “don’t steal” but on the very first mission I made, somebody took the mission with two blatantly similar accounts and did not complete the mission with either. When I do missions for others I like to provide proof of mission completion if I can. I will comment and say what account handle I used to do the mission or include a link to the actual Tweet or Share.

    • It is a bit tough navigating through some of the unwritten rules of the Avenue. I am just suggesting a look at the mission board for similar missions to get some idea what others are paying to find the ‘going rate.’ I hope that EA’s effort at rating will help clean up the bad behavior.

  6. bknutsonemcp says:

    Thanks for the Empire Avenue tips! I’m still learning a lot and welcome any tips like these, thanks!

  7. Nice post. I agree with KISS. However, even with simple ones like RT’s, the content needs to be appropriate for my stream. I do not do bombs as that is a way to trigger FB penalties and pollutes your activity stream.

    I agree with the statements that people start with missions too early in their life cycle on Empire Avenue. It is more important to be building connections and to be building a recurring dividend base.

  8. stevecasssady says:

    I also think if you are doing a RT Mission. It is helpful to but the RT in the mission description to make it easier to understand and increase the likelihood of action

  9. brian frank says:

    This is great. It is completely opposite from what I was taught.

  10. kwittenburg says:

    Harold – your posts are exceptional. Really enjoy them.

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