Favorite Flavor

ImageWhy doesn’t EA allow my favorite network?

A bunch of folks have a favorite Social Media Network that is not an option for attaching to EA. The most common ones that I hear mentioned are Pinterest, Tumblr, & Blogger.  Here are a few reasons why.

1. Connecting & evaluating a network is not easy. There is no standard way for Social Media (SoMe) Networks to communicate with each other. EA must use the network’s API (Application Programming Interface), figure out what the network will allow; then decide how to use that information to calculate a network score.
2. Some SoMe Networks make it difficult or impossible for EA to gather data. Not all SoMe Networks have an API. That is specifically the issue with Pinterest; so there is nothing that EA can do; until PI changes.
3. Some SoMe Networks provide very limited information to third parties. I mentioned this issue while discussing Linked In.
4. EA is a very small team that is really busy. Looks like they have about 5 developers and tons to get done.
5. The EA community is a bit change averse. Maybe not everyone, but a ton of folks always scream at any changes. Changes also have unpredictable results. Dups probably doesn’t enjoy the beatings.
6. The RSS attached blogs were removed from EA because of the abuse by players. There is just not a great way to determine & reward awesome content at this time.
7. EA not only has to get the technical details straight, but they also have to understand the network and the signs they can evaluate to fairly score the network without upsetting the current dividend calculations.

There is hope. Dups has said they intend to add additional networks. He specifically mentioned Tumblr as likely the next network. He has also talked about the Gamr experience that will be used by EA to provide insight toward evaluating other blogs. Seems that Blogger is also reasonable; since they are already into the Google ecosystem with G+ and YouTube.

My point is that wishing for your favorite flavor of network to be added is really easy. Figuring out how to do it is a good bit tougher.

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