Tweety Zone

ImageTwitter is a bit of an intriguing problem as an EA network. A couple of leaders on the Twitter leader board have divs around 0.30 (e) with no other network activity. Their follower counts might be difficult to duplicate…over 500,000! Both accounts posted over 100 tweets in the last 24 hours.

I don’t think you can play EA without a Twitter account. The mission that takes the least time and effort is a retweet, and there are gobs available. I bet you could do twitter only missions and earn a million eaves in one day…a long day…but still. My opinion is that you should do missions from your EA connected twitter account; otherwise folks will suspect you are stealing the mission.

My twitter account has around 2,000 followers gained during my time on the Avenue. EA says 118 tweets today. All my tweets are from missions. My score is 57. Since my account is purpose built for EA, I don’t worry too much about the tweet content. I am not recommending these practices; merely telling my own story.

Conclusions that I draw about twitter. 

You need 1,500 to 2,000 followers for a reasonable EA network score, but you don’t need zillions. Buying fake followers is a bad value. It might get you to the top of the EA Twitter Leader Board, but it just does not seem that productive.

With a smaller follower count, you have to tweet more for your network score. 

Response from your followers makes a big difference to your score. Retweets seem to be the key. Mentions are also important. There is great debate about if favorites make a difference to EA. Seems like it should, but favorites are not mentioned in the EA FAQ. I know some folks who have agreed to help each other out with twitter by retweeting. That seems to work well.

I guess my bottom line is that twitter is a solid network where some thoughtful energy can help your dividends, but trying to kill yourself getting a great score doesn’t make much sense.

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3 thoughts on “Tweety Zone

  1. A well written article, Harold, I can understand what you are saying, and you make some very good points. I really don’t understand the internals of ea. but I know that it makes a good slave and a poor master.I see it as means to an end and not a end in itself. Mind you – I have that opinion about most Social Media stuff…. 🙂

    Keep up the good work


    • Thanks Angus. I am not smart enough to tell folks how they should play. My point here is to help folks understand the game aspects; so everyone can make informed choices.

  2. Great article. It is so much easier to Tweet by clicking a button then do some of the other missions. Not a pro at Empire Avenue but enjoy meeting new people.

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