New Thoughts

Image1. Upload an avatar. Preferably a smiling, flattering head shot of you. Yes it seems silly,but it does make a difference.
2. Allow wall shouts, buy shouts, and every other way for folks to communicate with you. This is social media. If you don’t want to be social, this might not be the right place for you.
3. Run Missions. You need the revenue. 
4. Do a great job with the missions. Attempt to exceed expectations. Thank the mission creator, like the mission, rate the mission favorably (unless it is awful; then why did you take it?). Missions are a huge place where you can make or break your reputation.
5. Invest in solid ROI stocks that represent solid folks. When you are starting, there are thousands of possible investments. Look beyond the investment numbers and invest in folks that are active where you can gain additional engagement value.
6. Shout everywhere, early & often. Folks will not invest if they don’t know you are here. I just did a buy me mission, and the first folks who took the mission invested, but they didn’t leave a shout. How crazy is that? A missed opportunity for EA activity, but most important a missed opportunity for a quick buy back from me. Why make it tough for folks to figure out that you did something nice?
7. On your EA bio, remember this is a selling opportunity. Try to write something that will encourage folks to buy & engage with you. I am not suggesting that you lie, but don’t highlight the weirdest, scariest, darkest parts. Give us a chance to know…perhaps like you; before we find out how really strange you are.
8. On your EA status, consider posting your close & achievable EA goals. Others want to help you succeed. Tell us what you are trying to do & you might get some help. If your share price is 38; then you might want to get to 40 by the end of the week. These folks who are at 50 and want to break 100 should keep that to themselves; until they get to 99.

Bonus: You are unlikely to be able to convert your eaves to a huge cash pay day; so have fun out there. 

Double Bonus: If you treat people nicely, they are likely to be nice to you.

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4 thoughts on “New Thoughts

  1. exclamation says:

    Well, adapt, gro, evolve) just catching up with quickly changing World.

  2. Lisa Lorraine Bowen says:

    Great advice…I agree with it all.

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