ImageYouTube is a network that is more important with the new dividend calculations. Exactly what that means and how much relative to other networks is tough to estimate now. Dormant accounts with just YT activity have recently attracted investments because of interesting ROI numbers. 

I don’t produce or upload YT videos. I probably should, and after all, sleep is overrated. I do have a YT account where I view, rate, share, subscribe and comment getting me to a whopping 6 for my YT score. I am aware that some folks upload content that they do not produce for salutary impact on their YT score.

The EA FAQ says: 

1. Your activity through posting videos, the connections you make with other Youtube users, their interaction with you on Youtube through comments and favourites.
2. YouTube: Post Videos. Again, no need to post 20 videos a day, just get people to interact with the ones you do post through their comments and favorites. Comments from different users are better than lots of comments from the same user. Comments and rates by you on other people’s videos also counts, to a limited extent.

Looking at the YT leader board, the most instructive profile is Motor Trend with a YT score of 97 & basically nothing else producing a dividend of 0.32 (e). That would cause me to conclude YT is interesting, useful, & increasing in importance; however probably in the middle tier of dividend producing networks.

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7 thoughts on “Tubing

  1. paulaldendotcom says:

    ..great resource, I like how you write too blogger!

  2. Thanks! Good to know. I’ll be on it like White on Rice

  3. Very interesting and useful article !! I really enjoy this too much !!

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