Unchain Yourself

ImageI know that many of you groan when you see these tips figuring that I am a crazy person suggesting one more thing that you need to do to improve your game. Although you may be right about my sanity, today I offer to take something off your EA To Do List.

Don’t sweat Linked In for Empire Avenue purposes. I am not trashing Linked In. It is a fine social media network. There are tons of reasons why you should be actively involved, but Empire Avenue is not one of them.

The EA FAQ reports, “Due to limited available information from this connection, we pay a lower, fixed amount for LinkedIn.” From the Linked In leader board I notice, someone with a LI score of 100 only pays 0.12(e) per share.

LI scores are very stable; so it may be good for the social media price adjustment from the Market Maker (just a guess here). I think you should leave your LI network attached; since more networks seem to be better always for EA scoring. EA will automatically select the ‘best’ networks for your dividend calculations.  The evidence suggests spending your energy elsewhere if you are trying to raise your scores or improve your dividends.

Unchain yourself from any anxieties about Linked In at least as it relates to Empire Avenue.

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